Plants of the Castlemaine District

Small Crassulas - photos)

Scientific name index
Common name index

Sieber Crassula (Crassula sieberiana)
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1-3:Flowers are small and inconspicuous. The stems are often reddish. Castlemaine.

Spreading Crassula (Crassula decumbens)
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4: A carpet of Spreading Crassula. Expedition Pass. 5: A typical example of Spreading Crassula. Flower stalks are short. 6. Crassula colorata.

Stalked Crassula (Crassula peduncularis).
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7 - 8: Stalked Crassula. Similar to Spreading Crassula but with long-stalked flowers. Castlemaine.

Three-part Crassula (Crassula alata) (formerly Crassula tripartita)
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9-11. Three-part Crassula. The clover leaves (photo 10)gives a scale. Castlemaine.
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