Plants of the Castlemaine District

Black-anther Flax-lily - native (Dianella revoluta)

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Family: Asphodelaceae. Formerly included in the Liliaceae (Lily family).


Other names: Formerly Dianella admixta.

Occurrence: Widespread and very common.


It differs from the other local dense tussock-forming flax-lily (D. amoena) in that D. amoena has leaves which are slightly bluish, are flat on both sides, and have peg-like teeth on the margins and mid-rib.

Name. Dianella: diminitive of Diana, the virginal Roman goddess of hunt and the moon, the first named species grew in a French wood.

Photos 1: Black-anther Flax-lily. Flowers with dark anthers. 2: Fruit. Both Castlemaine.

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Black-anther Flax-lily clump, Walmer School Road. The clump will be many years old.

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