Plants of the Castlemaine District.

Sundews - natives (Drosera)

Scientific name index
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Family: Droseraceae (Sundew family).

Sundews are herbs with sticky, glandular hairs. The sticky hairs trap insects which are digested by the plant - a strategy for growth in poor infertile soils.

Name. Drosera: dewy, referring to the sticky hairs.

gumTall Sundew (D. auriculata) Basal leaves absent, sepals hairless. Erect. Common.
gumPale Sundew (D. peltata) Basal leaves present, sepals hairy. Erect. Moderately common.
gumClimbing Sundew (D. macrantha) Climbing, stems weak, not erect. Moderately common.
gumScented Sundew (D. aberrans) Basal leaves present. Flowers close to basal leaves. Common.
gumScarlet Sundew (D. glandiligera) Flower stalk short. Flowers scarlet. Uncommon.