Plants of the Castlemaine District

Wetland grasses

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Phragmites australis
Common Reed
Common Reed

Common in creeks and standing water. Tall grass to head height, often with Cumbungi.
Amphibromus nervosus Swap Wallaby-grass
swamp wallaby-grass

Erect grass to about a metre. Lemmas toothed, long awns from the lemma back.
*Polypogon monspielien-sis Annual Beard-grass
beard grass

Small grass with bristly, pale yellow-green dense flower clusters. Usually by streamsides. Common.
*Elytrigia repens English Couch
English couch

Uncommon. A wet area grass. Flowers stalkless, resembling Rye Grass.
Glyceria australis Australian Sweet-grass
Sweet Grass

Uncommon. Erect streamside grass with a narrow flower clusters.
*Paspalum disticum Water Couch
water couch

A wet area grass. Flowers on two terminal arms.