Plants of the Castlemaine District

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Open flower spray-
branched flower stalks easily visible
(Open panicles).
blown grass

Blown Grass, Wallaby Grass, etc. ) .
Dense flower cluster with awns - flower stalks hidden.

barley grass

Barley Grass etc. (Compact panicles).
Dense flower cluster without awns- flower stalks hidden.


Phalaris, etc. (Compact panicles).
Flowers on radiating arms. Arms terminal or almost terminal.


Bristly or not. Windmill grasses, Couch etc.
Flowers on arms from along the main stalk. Stalkless or almost so.


Bristly or not. Paspalum, Barnyard Grass etc.
Flowers stalkless,
attached directly to the stems.

Rye Grass etc. Excluding windmill grasses. (Spikes)

Some distinctive grasses
Flower stalks unbranched. Racemes.microlaena
Weeping Grass etc. (Racemes).
Flowers with bristles just below the flowers.phalaris
Setaria etc, etc.
Vigorous creeping grasses.


Kikuyu, Couch etc.
Flowers with awned glumes.glumes
Wetland grasses.


Grasses growing in or beside water