Plants of the Castlemaine District

Dense bristly or hairy flower sprays (panicles)

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Hordeum species. Barley Grasses.
Both glumes and lemmas taper to stout awns. Florets break off in triples. Common.
*Cynosurus echinatus Crested Dog's-tail.dogs tail
Dense one-sided cluster. Lower part is of awns, upper fertile spikelts. Very common.
*Setaria verticillata Whorled Pigeon-grass.pigeon grass
Summer grass with broad green leaves. Bristles rise from the base of the spikelets. Flower clusters at least a centimetre wide. Common in streets and gardens.
*Setaria parviflora Slender Pigeon-grass.viridis
Flower cluster narrow, about 5mm wide. Bristles rise from the base of the spikelets. Uncommon.
Sweet Vernal-grass. *Anthoxanthum odoratum bent
Medium grass. Flower clusters have a spiky appearance. Widespread.
Plume Grasses. Dichelacne species hair grass
Medium grass. Slender flower clusters. Spikelets have a single long-awned lemma. Glumes one veined. Widespread.
Hedgehog Grass. Echinopogon ovatus hedgehog grass
Grass of cooler forests. Egg-shaped flower cluster. Spikelets have a single lobed lemma, with a single (7-16mm) awn.
Annual Beard-grass. *Polypogon monspeliensis breard-grass
Medium grass. Flower cluster with furry appearance because of soft bristles. Cluster a soft yellow-green colour. Wet areas e.g.beside streams. Widespread.
Annual Cat's-tail. *Rostaria cristata cats tail
Small grass with oval to oblong flower clusters. Spikelets with a single awned lemma. The awn 1-3mm inserted in a notch at the lemma summit. Uncommon.
Brush Wire-grass. Aristida behriana bent
Spreading grass. Spikelets with a single three awned lemma. The awns are long and widely divergent. Spikelets in a dense brush. Common in grasslands.
Deyeuxia quadriseta Reed Bent-grass.deyeuxia
Uncommon grass. The glumes are usually longer than the lemma. The firm lemma is awned from near the base and finely four-toothed at the summit.
Enneapogon nigricans Black heads
Grass with hairy, 9-awned lemmas. Moderately common in northern Victoria.
*Pennisetum clandestina Kikuyu.kikuyu
Vigorous grass with stout runners. Lawn grass. Flowers hidden by leaves.
*Pennisetum macrourum African Feather-grass.feather grass
Spikelets with showy bristles from the spikelet base.Tall grass.
*Secale cereale

Lemmas with long awns. Lemmas margins with curved bristles.
*Triticum aestivum Wheat.

Fowers in dense spike. Lemmas awnless or long-awned.
*Pennisetum villosum Kikuyu.kikuyu
Spikelets with showy bristles from the spikelet base. Low grass to 30cm.