Plants of the Castlemaine District

Open Panicles

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Flower clusters are open panicles i.e. branched and open - the flower stalks are easily visible.

Very open panicles (flower sprays).blown grass
Flower cluster more or less spherical. Blown Grass, Panics, Hair grasses, etc.
Open panicles, single, one-awned lemma.spear grass
Spear grasses, Wire Grass etc.
Open panicles, single, 5-awned lemma.5-awns
Five-awned Spear-grass
Open panicles,single lemma, unawned.couch
Agrostis etc.
Open panicle, 2 or 3 lemmas, awned. rye
Wild Oats, Veldt Grass etc.
Open panicle, 2 or 3 lemmas, unawned.microlaena
Veldt Grass, Panics etc.
Open panicle, many awned lemmas.panicle
Wallaby Grass, Bromes, Setaria etc.
Open panicle, many unawned lemmas.glumes
Poa, Eragrostis etc.