Plants of the Castlemaine District

Spikes (the spikelets are not stalked)

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Ehrhartia erecta Panic Veldt-grass.Veldt grass
Slender erect grass with branches out from the stem. Glumes wrinkled.
Sweet Vernal-grass. *Anthoxanthum odoratum bent
Medium grass. Flower clusters have a spiky appearance. Widespread.
Panics Panicum and Walwhalleya species. panics
Widely spreading branches when mature. Small flowers with tightly wrapped husks. !st Glume smaller than 2nd glume.
Barnyard Grass *Echinochloa crus-galli. barnyard grass
Medium grasses. Green leaves and crowwded spikelets. Often in drains. There are awned and unawned forms of this grass.
Cultivated Oat *Avena savita. oat
Tall grass. Lemmas have two short teeth and are hairy at base.