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Wild Oats - introduced (Avena species)

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Wild Oats are common weeds. The glumes are larger than the lemmas. The lemmas taper to two teeth, which may be deeply cleft or shallowly cleft. The awns rise from the back of the lemmas. The farmland oat is a member of this group.

avena Bearded Oat (*Avena barbata) Lemmas fall separately. Lemmas densely hairy at base, and taper into two long slender bristles. Very common.
avena Wild Oat (*Avena fatua) Lemmas hairy at the base, tapering to two short teeth. Lemmas falling readily. Awned. Uncommon locally.
avena Cultivated Oat (*Avena savita) Lemmas hairless, tapering to 2 short teeth. Lemmas not falling readily, and fall with the lemmas united. Not common.
avena Sterile Oat (*Avena sterilis) Lemmas long hairy on base and taper to short teeth. Lemmas fall attached to each other. Awn long (to 6.5cm). Uncommon.

Avenas are environmental weeds.

Avena: Latin name for Cultivated Oat.