Plants of the Castlemaine District

Open panicle - many awned lemmas

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Rytidosperma species. Wallaby Grasses.Wallaby grass
Tall to short grasses. Lemmas are hairy and divide into two lobes which narrow to slender bristles. An awn rises from between the the lobes.
Swamp Wallaby-grass. *Amphibromus nervosa swamp wallaby grass
Tall grass, growing in or near water. An awn rises from the centre of the lemma. The lemma summit is shortly toothed.
Great Brome *Bromus diandrus great brome
Tall grass. Lemmas have stout long awns. Lemma summit shortly toothed. 1st Glume one-veined. Very common.
Chilean Brome *Bromus lithobius. chilean brome
Lawn grass. Lemmas and glumes are softly hairy. Awns about half the length of the lemmas.
Soft Brome *Bromus hordaceus soft brome
Medium grass. Leaves, lemmas and glumes softly hairy. Awns more than half the lenth of the lemmas. Common.
Red Brome *Bromus rubens red brome
Short grass. Lemmas close together, resembling a brush. Awns are prominent. Flowers turn deep red. Common.
Kangaroo grass Themeda triandra. Kangaroo
Common in grasslands. The flower clusters have sub-clusters, each partly concealed by a leaf. Flowers shades of brown and red.
Weeping Grass Microlaena stipoides. Weeping grass
Medium grasses. The flower cluster mostly unbranched. The 1st glume is tiny. The leaves are green and often flat-growing. Common.
Cocksfoot *Dactylis glomerata. oat
Medium to tall grass. The flower cluster consists of several smaller, stalked, one-sided clusters. Common.

Smallish slender grasses. The first glume is small, half to a tenth of the second glume. Awns are exserted from two small teeth. Common.
Tall Fescue *Festuca arundinacea. oat
Tall grass. Ovaries are hairles. The lemmas are round at the base, and keeled at the tip.
Red Fescue *Festuca rubra. red fescue
Lawn grass. Lemma 6-9mm. Lemmas slightly separated, and taper into a short awn.
Common Reed Phragmites australis. reede
Tall grass over 2m. Grows in standing or running water, often with Cumbungi.
Pampas Grass *Cortaderia selloana. pampas grass
Large grass with tussocks >2m and flower to 4m. Feathery flower clusters.