Plants of the Castlemaine District

Radiating arms

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Chloris truncata
Windmill Grass

Medium grass. Arms radiate from the summit of the stalk. Arms bristly. Lemmas with squared off (truncate) tips, and ripen to dark brown. Common grassland plant.
*Chloris virgata Feathertop Rhodes Grass.
rhodes grass

Tallish Grass. Arms are bristly and held almost verically. Lemmas are squared off at the tip. Uncommon.
*Cynodon dactylon

Short, creeping grass. Short arms radiate from the tip. Not spiky. Very common.
*Eleusine tristachya Crows-foot Grass couch
Short grass. Three (usually) short terminal arms. Spikelets in two rows. Uncommon.
Enteropogon acicularis Spider Grass. spider grass
The long arms are conspicuously bristly. The arms are terminal or offset. The lemmas come to a point. Spikelets have two or three long-awned lemmas. Common in northern victoria.
*Digitaria sanguinalis Summer Grass summer grass
Low grass. The arms are terminal, or more often offset. The spikelets are not bristly. Very common summer grass.
*Paspalum distichumWater Couch couch
Short, creeping grass. Two arms rise up from the main stalk. Anthers and stigmas are black. Wet areas.
Bothriochloa macra Redleg Grass redleg grass
Erect grass. Arms are held almost vertically. Nodes sparsely hairy. Glume of lower floret usually pitted. Rare.
Dichanthium sericeum Queensland Blue-grass. couch
Erect grass. Arms are held almost vertically. Nodes are densely hairy. Glumes are not pitted. Rare.