Plants of the Castlemaine District

Dense hairless (panicles)

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*Phalaris aquatica Phalaris phalaris
Tall Grass. Flower cluster 1cm to 15cm long. Spikelets are strongly flattened. The glumes have are winged (i.e. with acute central keel). The glumes are un-notched.
*Phalaris paradoxa Par-adoxical Canary-grass.paradoxa
Like Phalaris but shorter (to 90cm) and with a usually shorter flower cluster. The fertile spikelets are surrounded by clusters of sterile spikelets. The glumes are notched. Not common.
*Sporobolus africanus Rat-tail Grass.sporobolus
Smallish grass. Flower cluster is very narrow and spike-like. The first glume is blunt and the upper sharp-pointed. The lemma is shorter and blunt. Occasional weed.
*Polypogon viridis Water Bent.water bent
Wetland plant. Glumes are not awned. Resembles an Agrostis in that the membranous lemma is smaller than the enclosing glumes. It differs in that the spikelets of Water-bent fall off intact at maturity.
*Tribolium acutiflorum Desmazeria. phalaris
Small grass. Flower cluster 1cm to 15cm long. Spikelets are 3-8 flowered. The glumes are shorter than the spikelets. The lemmas have thick (often club-shaped) hairs their lower parts. Occasonal weed.
*Triticum aestivum Wheat. wheat
Flower cluster a dense spike i.e. flowers are stalkless. Glumes often taper to a point. Spikelets several flowered.