Plants of the Castlemaine District

Spikes (the spikelets are not stalked)

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Lolium species. Rye Grasses rye grassesl
Medium grasses. Spikelets are in hollows of the stem. Inner glume absent. Spikelets alternate along the stem. Very common.
*Psilurus incurvus Bristle-tail Grass psilurus
Spikelets are in hollows of the stem. and have a single fertile lemma. The glumes are very small (c1mm). Rare.
*Hemarthria uncinata Mat Grass mat grass
Spreading grass. Spikelets are paired. The lower is recessed into a hollow. The upper is shortly stalked and stalk fused to the stem. Uncommon.
Elymus scaber Common Wheat-grass elymus
Tall grass. The spikelets have up to 10 long-awned lemmas. The awns curve as the flowers mature. Common.
*Elytrigia repens. English Couch couch
Creeping grass. A weed of damp and swampy areas. 2 unequal awns. Lemmas and glumes shortly awned.
*Lophopyrum ponticum Tall Wheat-grass wheat grass
Tall grass to a metre or more. Neither the 2 glumes or lemmas are awned.