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Thistles - introduced.

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Thistles are members of the daisy family. Some or all of their leaves, stems and flower heads are spiny with sharp spines that can pierce skin.

img Winged Thistle (*Carduus pycnocephalus) Slender thistle. Stems with continuous spiny wings
img Slender Thistle (*Carduus tenuiflorus) Slender thistle. Like Winged Thistle but stems not continuously winged.
img Spear Thistle. (*Cirsium vulgare) All parts spiny. Erect. Flowers solitary or few. Very common.
img Spear Thistle. (*Cirsium arvense) All parts spiny. Many-flowered. Uncommon.
img Artichoke Thistle (*Cynara cardunculus). Large showy flower heads.
img Blue Devil (Erygium ovinum). Prickly-looking plant with most parts becoming blue. Benign.
img Stemless Thistle (*Onopordum acaulon). Flower stalkless from prickly leaf rosette.
img Illyrian Thistle (*Onopordum illyricum). Erect thistle.

salvia Golden thistle (*Scolymus hispanicus.) Thistle with yellow flowers.
thistle Variegated Thistle (*Silybum marinum.) Basal leaves with white veins.
thistle St Barnaby's Thistle (*Centaurea solsitialis) Slender spines at right angles. Rare.