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Groundsels and fireweeds - native and introduced (Senecio species)

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Senecios are often known as fireweeds or groundsels. They may have radiating petals, or all the florets are tubular. All of the local senecios have yellow flowers.

senecio Purple-leaf Groundsel (Senecio phelleus) Branched. Flowers almost hidden. Leaf-back usually purple. Common
senecio Shrubby Groundsel (Senecio minimus) Branched. Flowers almost hidden. Leaf-back usually cobwebby. Uncommon
senecio Common Groundsel (*Senecio vulgaris) Low growing. Green. Almost succulent.
senecio Annual Fireweed (Senecio glomeratus) Leaves toothed. Erect plant.
senecio Groundsel (Senecio hispidulus) Much branched. Deeply toothed leaves. Cottony.
senecio Scented Groundsel (Senecio odoratus) Leaves bluish, stem-clasping and toothed.
senecio Fireweed Groundsel (Senecio linearifolius) Leaves long, narrow. Rare locally.
senecio Varied Groundsel (Senecio pinnatifolius) Leaves divided into very narrow segments. Rare locally.
senecio Ragwort (*Senecio jacobaea) Leaves divided into broadish segments. Rare locally.