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Clovers - introduced (Trifolium species)

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All clovers are introduced. All have trifoliate leaves, and the pod is never coiled or prickly. The yellow-flowered medics are similar to clover. The medics have coiled pods which are often spiky.

Most clovers can displace native vegration, and are occasional weeds of bushland or grassland.

clover Narrow-leaf Clover (*Trifolium angustifolium) Leaves very narrow. Flowers a cylindrical erect cluster. Common.
clover Hare's-foot Clover (*Trifolium arvensis) Leaves narrow. Flowers a soft hairy cluster. Common.
clover Hop Clover (*Trifolium campestris) Yellowish flowers in a cluster, resembling pale hops. Common.
clover Suckling Clover (*Trifolium dubium) Flowers yellow. Pods not coiled.
clover Strawberry Clover (*Trifolium fragiferum) Flowers red. Pods becoming bladder-like and woolly.
clover Knotted Clover (*Trifolium striatum ) Flowers pink, not bladdery. Uncommon.
clover Red Clover (*Trifolium pratense) Flower cluster red-pink-purple, large.
clover Clustered Clover (*Trifolium glomeratum) Flowers small, white, in spiky-looking balls.
clover White Clover (*Trifolium repens.) Flowers white, clustered. Leaves with yellow crescent.
clover Subterranean Clover (*Trifolium subterannean) Flowers white, small. Common.