Plants of the Castlemaine District

Red or pink flowers

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img Bella Donna Lily (*Amaryllis belladonna) Flowers rise from leafless bases.
img Centaury (*Centaurium species) Erect herbs.
img Red Valerian (*Centranthus ruber) Terminal red flower clusters.
img Blushing Bindweed (Convolvulus angustissimus) Twining grassland plant.
img Montebretia (*Cocosmia X crocosmiiflora) Small tube flowers.
img Willow Herbs (Epilobium species Herb. Fruit long and narrow; with fluffy seeds.
img Fumitory (*Fumaria species) Weak climbers. Leaves divided into narrow segments.
img Dove's Foot Geranium (*Geranium molle) Low growing. Leaves round and deeply dissected.
img Pincushion Hakea (*Hakea laurina). Large shrub with ball-shaped flower clusters.
img Scarlet Pimpernel (*Lysimachia arvensis) Herb. Red flowered form of Scarlet Pimpernel.
img Red Mallow (*Modiola caroliniana) Mallow with red flowers.
img Cape Tulip (*Morea species) Orange-red Flowers. 1 or 2 grassy leaves..
img Pink Wood Sorrel (*Oxalis articulata). Flowers stalked, pink.
img Large-flowered Wood Sorrel (*Oxalis purpurea). Flowers shortly stalked, large.
img Pale Knotweed (Persicaria lapathifolia) Open shrub to a metre or more. Wetlands.
img Slender Knotweed (Persicaria decipiens) Low (30-60cm)open shrub. Wetlands.
img Creeping Knotweed (Persicaria prostrata) Prostrate. Wetlands.
img Velvet Pink (*Petrorhagia dubia) Erect stalks with terminal flower.
img Ticolour Harlequin Flower (*Sparaxis tricolor) Flowers 3 coloured; yellow, black, red.
clover Strawberry Clover (*Trifolium fragiferum) Flowers red. Pods becoming bladder-like and woolly.
clover Red Clover (*Trifolium pratense.) Flower cluster red-pink-purple, large.
heath Cranberry Heath (Astroloma humifusum) Prostate. Leaves bluish. Red Tube flowers. Common.
heath Flame Heath (Astroloma conostephoides) Shrub. Red Tube flowers. Rare.
heath Sticky Boronia (Boronia anemonifolia) Shrub. 4 pink petals. Sticky narrow leaves. Rare.
succ Pink Purslane (Calandrina calyptrata) Tiny succulent. Pink flowers. Rare.
heath Common Heath (Epacris impressa) Shrub. Tube flowers red pink or white. Southern areas.
heath Rosy Heath-myrtle (Euromyrtus ramosissima) Low shrub. Pink tea-tree like flowers. Locally rare.
pea Austral Indigo (Indigofera australis) Shrub. Pink-red pea flowers. Leaves with many leaflets. Scattered.
pea Running Postman (Kennedia prostrata) Prostrate. Leaves with 3 round leaflets. Scattered
heath Pink Beard-heath (Leucopogon ericoides) Flowers clustered. Shrub. Fryers Ridge.
heath Pink Bells (Tretatheca ciliata) Leaves usually in threes. Shrublet. Common.
clover Strawberry Clover (*Trifolium fragiferum) Flowers red. Pods becoming bladder-like and woolly.
clover Knotted Clover (*Trifolium striatum ) Flowers pink, not bladdery. Uncommon.
clover Red Clover (*Trifolium pratense) Flower cluster red-pink-purple, large.
clover Tufted Honey-flower (*Melianthus comosus) Large plant to 1m or more. Leaflets large, toothed. Uncommon.
clover Cape Honey-flower (*Melianthus major) Large plant to 2m. Leaflets large, toothed. Uncommon.
trigger plant Grass Trigger-plants (*Stylidium species) Grass-like leaves. Flowers pale pink to pink. Common