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Spiny Shrubs - native and introduced.

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img Spiny Broom (*Calicocome spinosa) Trifolate leaves. Pea flowers.
img Hawthorn (*Crataegus monogyna) Small spiny tree. Red berries.
img Australian Anchor Plant (Discaria pubescens) Spines paired, like anchors. Shrub. Rare.
img Boxthornl (*Lycium ferocissimum) Spiny shrub with orange berries.
img Briar Rose (*Rosa rubignosa) Prickly open shrub. Orange-red hips (fruit).
img Blackberry (*Rubus fruticosus) Prickly spreading vines. Leaves 3 or 5 foliate. Finely toothed. Common.
img Native Raspberry (*Rubus parvifolius) Prickly spreading vines. Leaves 3-foliate. Toothed. Rare.
ulex Gorse (*Ulex europaeus) Spiny bush.

xanthium Bathurst Burr (*Xanthium spinosum) Shrublet with spiny stems and fruit.
heath Sweet Bursaraia (Bursaria spinosa) Prickly shrub. Flowers summer.
heath Bushy Needlewood (Hakea decurrens) Prickly leaved shrub.
heath Spiny Rice-flower (Pimelea spinescens) Prostrate. Rare. Basalt.
riceflower Spiny Rice-flower (Pimelea spinescens) Prostrate. Rare. Basalt.
violet Tree Violet (Melicytus dentatus) Shrub to small tree. Bell-shaped flowers. Often on basalt.
img Black Locust (*Robinia pseudoacacia) Small tree. Leaves with leaflets.