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Succulents - native and introduced.

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img Century Plant (*Agave americana) Tall fleshy pointed leaves. Flower stalk 3+ metres high.
img Inland Noon-flower (Carpobrotus modestus) Leaves trianguar in X section, usually purplish.
img Pigface (*Carpobrotus aequilaterus) Leaves usually green.
img Small Crassulas (*Crassula species). Small, fleshy, pinkish stems.
img Swamp Crassula (*Crassula helmsii). Small wetland plant.
img Ruby Saltbush (Enchylaena tomentosa. Spreading succulent with usually red berries.
img Wheel Pear (*Opuntia robusta). Cactus with round stems. Widespread at Maldon.
img Purslane (*Portulaca oleracea) Prostrate succulent. Yellow flowers.
succ Pink Purslane (Calandrina calyptrata) Tiny succulent. Pink flowers. Rare.