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Trifoliate (clover leaves) - native and introduced

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img Spiny Broom (*Calicocome spinosa) Trifolate leaves. Pea flowers.
img Tree Lucerne (*Chamaecytisus palmensis) Tree with white pea flowers. Leaves trifoliate.
img Flax-leaf Broom (*Genista linifolia) Shrub. 3 narrow leaflets. Yellow pea flowers.
img Cape Broom (*Genista monspessulana) Shrub. 3 oval leaflets. Yellow pea flowers.
img Small Medics (*Medicago species) 3 leaflets. Yellow pea flowers.
img Lucerne (*Medicago savita) 3 leaflets. Purplish pea flowers.
img Hexam Scent (*Melilotus indicus) 3 leaflets. Cylindrical cluster of yellow pea flowers.
img Pink Wood Sorrel (*Oxalis articulata) Flowers stalked, pink.
img Large-flowered Wood Sorrel (*Oxalis purpurea) Flowers shortly stalked, large.
img Soursob (*Oxalis pes-caprae) Flowers bright yellow. Weedy.
img Small Yellow Wood Sorrels (Oxalis) species Flowers yellow, stalked. Fruit various.