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Leaves or flowers in rings around stems - native and introduced.

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See also Grasses

img Common Woodruff (Asperula conferta) Small spreading plant. Leaves in rings.
img Cleavers (*Galium aparine). Climber with leaves in sixes.
img Small Bedstraw (*Galium murale). Slender, trailing. Leaves in sixes or eights.
img Rough Bedstraw (Galium gaudichaudii). Slender trailing. Leaves in fours
img Slender Bedstraw (*Galium divaricatum). Climber with leaves in 3s to 6s.
img Pennyroyal (*Mentha puleguim). Purplish flowers circle stems. Wet areas.
img Horehound (*Marrubium vulgare). Silvery crinkled leaves.
salvia Wild Sage (*Salvia verbenaca.) Leafy base. Flowers in rings.
madder Field Madder (*Sheradia arvensis.) Leaves in rings. Flowers pink-purple.
come Corn Spurrey (*Spergula arvensis) Herb. Flower stalks bent back. Uncommon.
come Many-flowered Mat-rush (Lomandra multiflora) Grass-like leaves. Common forest plant.
lamium Deadnettle (Lamium amplexicaule) Leaves toothed. Floral tube narrow and long.