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Climbers and twiners - native and introduced.

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img Sweet Apple-berry (*Billardiera cymosa) Pale flowers. Flowers clustered.
img Trumpet Flower (*Campsis species) Leaves divided into toothed leaflets. Climber.
img Coarse Dodder-laurel (Cassytha melanthaa) Coarse leafless parasitic climber.
img Slender Dodder-laurel (Cassytha glabella) Slender leafless parasitic climber over low shrubs. Hairless.
img Downy Dodder-laurel (Cassytha pubescens) Parasitic climber over low shrubs. Finely hairy.
img Blushing Bindweed (Convolvulus angustissimus) Twining grassland plant.
img Common Bindweed (*Convolvulus arvensis) Twining plant
img Cape Ivy (*Delairea odorata) Climber with glossy leaves.
img Fumitory (*Fumitory species) Weak climber. Leaves divided into narrow segments.
img Cleavers (*Galium aparine) Clinging climber with leaves in 6s.
img Small Bedstraw (*Galium murale). Slender, trailing. Leaves in 6s or 8s.
img Rough Bedstraw (Galium gaudichaudii) Slender trailing. Leaves in fours
img Slender Bedstraw (*Galium divaricatum) Climber with leaves in 3s to 6s.
img Ivy (*Hedera helix) Vigorous climber. Leaves glossy, lobed or unlobed. Often planted.
img Japanese Honeysuckle (*Lonicera japonica) Climber. White two-lipped tube flowers. Oval leaves.
img Wandering Tradescantia (*Tradescantia fumatinensis) Creeper.
vinca Blue Periwinkle (*Vinca major) Ground cover with showy bluish flowers.
climber Small-leaf Clematis (Clematis microphylla) Climber 4 white petals. Not common.
pea Twining Glycine (Glycine clandestina) Blue flowers. Climber. Leaves with 3 narrow leaflets. Rare.
heath Twining Fringe-lily (Thysanotus patersonii) Climbing-twining. Common.
glory Morning Glory (*Ipomoea indica) Deep blue flowers.
come Love Creeper (Comesperma volubile) Clusters of pea-like flowers. Often almost leafless. Uncommon.
come Pampas Lily-of-the-valley (*Salpichroa origanifolia) White bell flowers. Climber.
img Japanese Honeysuckle (Lonicera japonica) Climber. White two-lipped tube flowers. Oval leaves.