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Protea family - mostly local natives

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img Silver banksia (Banksia marginata) Tree
img Pincushion Hakea (*Hakea laurina)Small tree with ball-shaped flower clusters.
img Bushy Needlewood (*Hakea decurrens)Shrub with needle leaves. Widespread.
img Downy Grevillea (Grevillea alpina)Shrub with downy leaves. Red or cream flowers. Common.
img Goldfields Grevillea (Grevillea dryophylla) Shrub with holly leaves and toothbrush flowers. Localised.
img Elphinstone Grevillea (Grevillea obtecta) Prostrate. Indented leaves. Toothhbrush flowers. Southern areas.
img Small-flowered Grevillea (Grevillea micrantha) Low shrub with white flowers. Rare.
img Rosemary Grevillea (Grevillea rosmarinifolia) Shrub with narrow green leaves. Red spider-flowers. Rare.
img Stiff Geebung (Persoonia rigida) Resembles a larger Downy Grevillea. Moderately common.
img Dwarf Geebung (Persoonia chamaepeuce) Semi-prostrate. Uncommon. Southern districts.