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Tubular Flowers - native and introduced.

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urn Heaths Leaves small, often prickly.
img Austral Bugle (Ajuga australis) Tubular flowers. Leaves opposite pairs.
img Angled Onion (*Allium triquetrum) Petals with green stripe.
img Bridal Creeper (*Asparagus asparagoides) Spreading plant may blanket the ground.
img Common Woodruff (Asperula conferta) Small spreading plant. Leaves in rings.
img Belladonna Lily (*Amaryllis belladonna) Flowers rise from leafless bases.
img Thornapples (*Datura species) Shrub with large spiny fruit.
img Freesia (*Freesia alba) Large white tube flower.
vinca Bulbil Watsonia *Watsonia meriana 'Bulbilifera') Large orange-red tube flowers. Produces small bulbs.
cor Rock Correa (Correa glabra) Shrub. Leaves shiny, not hairy. Found on granite and sedimentary areas.
cor Common Correa (Correa reflexa) Shrub. Leaves with stiff hairs. Common.
img Irish Strawberry (*Arbutus unedo) Flowers small. Fruit red balls.
img Japanese Honeysuckle (*Lonicera japonica) Climber. White two-lipped tube flowers. Oval leaves.
creeper Sweet Apple-berry (Billardiera cymosa) Uncommon climber.
creeper Bluebell Creeper (*Billardiera fusiformis) Shrubby climber, environmental weed in Castlemaine (from W.A.)
millions Mother-of-millions (*Bryophyllum delegoense) Rare locally.
campsis Trumpet Flower (*Campsis species) Climber. Leaves divided into toothed leaflets. Uncommon.
violet Tree Violet (Melicytus dentatus) Prickly shrub to small tree. Bell-shaped flowers. Often on basalt.