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Wattles - native and introduced (Acacia species)

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Wattles range in size from from prostrate, to small shrubs, large shubs and trees. The local wattles have flowers from almost white to golden yellow. The tiny flowers are clustered inbto cylindrical clusters or balls. The balls may rise from separate stems from the base of the "leaf", or be in clusters. In many acacias, the leaves are replaced by leaf stalks (phyllodes). The phyllodes may be leaf-like, or cylindrical and wire-like. The true leaves of wattles are several-times divided. In this collection, both true leaves and phyllodes are called leaves.

Wattles with modified leaf-stalks (phyllodes), flowers ball-shaped on stalks from leaf bases.

wattle Gold-dust Wattle (Acacia acinacea) Usually low growing with small, glossy, round to elliptical leaves. Very common.
wattle Rough Wattle (Acacia aspera) Medium to tall shrub, leaves long-elliptical, leaves with stiff short hairs. Vein prominent. Common.
wattle Ploughshare Wattle (Acacia gunnii) Low shrub, leaves small, almost triangular. Flowers pale. Widespread.
wattle Hedge Wattle (Acacia paradoxa) Shrub. Leaves often wavy, almost parallel to stems. Pair of prickles at leaf bases. Scattered.
wattle Spreading Wattle (Acacia genistifolia) Open shrub. Nail-like leaves 5cm or more. Flowers often pale.
wattle Thin-leaf Wattle (Acacia aculeatissima) A small shrub to quite prostrate. Leaves c2cm long, often pointing backwards. Scattered.
wattle Woolly Wattle(Acacia lanigera) Low shrub. Localised.
wattle Varnish Wattle (Acacia verniciflua) Shrub. Leaves two-veined, often sticky (as though varnished). Scattered.

Wattle with modified leaf stalks (phyllodes). Flowers in sprays.

wattle Golden Wattle (Acacia pycnantha) Tall shrub. Leaves glossy, large (10cm or more). Common.
wattle Inland Wirilda (Acacia provincialis) Tall shrub. Leaves bluish, large. Flowers rather pale. Localised.
wattle Sporadic Wattle (Acacia sporadica) Only known as a low shrub. Leaves rather short, bluish. Very rare.
wattle Blackwood (Acacia melanoxylon) Tree. Leaves multi-veined. Flowers spring. Leaves rounded at the tip. Scattered.
wattle Lightwood (Acacia implexa) Tree. Leaves multi-veined, sickle-shaped. Flowers summer. Scattered.
wattle Mystery Wattle (Acacia difformis) Tree or large shrub. Leaves with faint second vein. Leaves dull green. Suckers. Uncommon.

Flowers in cylindrical clusters.          Wattle with true leaves.

wattle Spike Wattle (Acacia oxycedrus) Medium to tall shrub. Leaves very sharp-pointed. Localised.
wattle Sallow Wattle (*Acacia longifolia) Tall shrub. large, several-veined. Uncommon weed.
wattle Mitchells Wattle (Acacia mitchellii) Low shrub. Southern districts.
wattle Silver Wattle (Acacia dealbata) Tall shrub to small tree. Smallest leaflets separated. Branches often silvery. Common.
wattle Black Wattle (Acacia mearnsii) Tall shrub to small tree. Leaves green, smallest leaflets touching. Palish flowers. Scattered.
wattle Early Black Wattle (*Acacia decurrens) Tall shrub to small tree. Leaves green, smallest leaflets well separated. Scattered weed.
wattle Cootamundra Wattle (*Acacia baileyana) Tall shrub to small tree. Leaves silvery, in oval leaflets. Common weed.