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Lilies - native and introduced.

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This section contains the plants fomerly included in the Liliaceae, the Lily family.

Blue flowered lilies

img Agapanthus (*Agapanthus praecox) Spherical heads from leafy tussocks.
lily Chocolate lilies (Arthropodium species) Slender herbs with blue-purple flowers.
lily Pale Vanilla Lily (Arthropodium milleflorum) Slender herb with pale purple flowers.
lily Black-anther Flax-lily (Dianella admixta) Large dense tussocks. Anthers dark.
lily Matted Flax-lily (Dianella amoena) Large dense tussocks. Anthers not dark.
lily Late-flowered Flax-lily (Dianella tarda) Small tussocks. Late flowering.
lily Glaucous Flax-lily (Dianella sp aff longifolia (Benambra)) Small tussocks. Flowers in morning.
heath Twining Fringe-lily (Thysanotus patersonii) Climbing-twining. Common.
heath Common Fringe-lily (Thysanotus tuberosus) Branched, not climbing. Localised.
cl Cuban Lily (*Scilla peruviana) Basal strap-shaped leaves. Uncommon.
daisy Blue Stars (Chamaescilla corymbosa) Low growing. Slender stalks grow from a ring of narrow leaves. Scattered.
daisy Blue Grass-lily (Caesia calliantha) Grass-like leaves. Striped blue flowers. Rare
img Spring Star-flower (*Ipheion uniflorum) Strap-shaped leaves. Garlic smell. Pale bluish flowers.
img Grape Hyacinth (*Muscari armeniciacum ) Narrow fleshy leaves. Cylindrical clusters of blue flowers.

White-flowered lilies

img Onion Weed (*Asphodelus fistulosus) Petals with thin brown stripe. Common in warmer districts.
img Snowflake (*Leucojum aestivum Strap-shaped leaves. White flowers with green spots.
img Angled Onion (*Allium triquetrum) White bell flowers. Triangular-section stems.
img Jonquil (Narcissus tazetta) White petals with central yellow cup.
img Fragrant False Garlic> (*Nothoscordum borbonicum) Onion-like leaves. Clusters of white flowers .
lilyMilkmaids (Burchardia umbellata) Lily. White flowers radiate from a common point. Common.
heath Early Nancy (Wurmbea dioica) White flowers with purple ring.
img Bridal Creeper (*Asparagus asparagoides) Widespread creeper
img Asparagus *Asparagus officinalis) Finely divided leaves.

Yellow-flowered lilies

lily Bulbine Lily (Bulbine bulbosa) Yellow flowers open progressively. Leaves onion-like.
pea Yellow Stars (Hypoxis species) Herbs. Starry flowers. Common.
pea Gagaea (Gagea species) Herbs. Starry flowers. leafy stems. Very rare.
heath Yellow Rush-lily (Tricoryne elatior Wiry branched stems. Summer-autumn flowering. Mod common.

Red-flowered lilies and other lilies

img Bella Donna Lily (*Amaryllis belladonna) Flowers rise from leafless bases.
img Crow Garlic (*Allium vineale) Onion-like with strong garlic small