Plants of the Castlemaine District

Mat plants

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img Khaki Weed (*Alternathera pungens) Prostrate.
img Bridal Creeper (Asparagus asparagoides) Spreading plant may blanket the ground.
img Berry Saltbush (Atriplex semibaccata) Ground cover. Small red fruit.
img Inland Noon-flower (Carpobrotus modestus) Leaves trianuar in X section, usually purplish.
img Pigface (*Carpobrotus aequilaterus) Leaves usually green.
img Eyebane (Chamaesyce maculata) Small prostrate; sap milky. Finely hairy.
img Caustic Weed (Chamaesyce drummondii) Small prostrate; sap milky. Hairless.
img Glaucous Goosefoot (*Chenpodium glaucum) Mealy. Prostrate.
img Small Crumbweed (*Chenpodium pumilio) Small toothed leaves. Semi-prostrate.
img Stinking Goosefoot. (*Chenpodium vulvaria) Prostrate. Obnoxious smell.
img Paddy Melon (*Cucumis myriocarpus) Prostrate with small fruit.
img Kidney Weed (Dichondra repens) Prostrate creeper. Kidney-shaped leaves.
img Ruby Saltbush (Enchylaena tomentosa) Spreading succulent with usually red berries.
img Stork's Bills (Erodium species) Herbs. Fruit long and beak-like. Leaves prostrate.
img Carpet Weed (*Galena pubescens) Mat forming. Leaves oval, shortly hairy.
img Spiky Guinea flower (Hibbertia exutiacies species) Large bright yellow 5 petalled flowers. Prostrate.
img Matted St John's Wort (Hypericum japonicum) Mat plant. Yellow flowers with many stamens.
img Swamp Isotome (Isotoma fluviatilis) Pale blue starry flowers. Swamp plant.
img Common Ice Plant (Mesembryanthemum crystallinum) Leaves with glistening crystals. Prostrate.
img Chile Nailwort (*Paroynchia franciscana) Prostrate.
img Creeping Knotweed (Persicaria prostrata) Prostrate. Wetlands.
img Wireweed (*Polygonum aviculare) Prostrate wiry spreading weed.
img Small Knotweed (Polygonum plebeium) Prostrate spreading. Wetlands.
img Matted Starwort (*Stellaria caespitosa) Cushion bush. Wet areas.
img Caltrop (*Tribulus terrestris) Prostrate. Spiny seeds.
heath Honeypots (Acrotriche serrulata) Prostate. Flowers hidden. Narrow pointed leaves. Very Common.
heath Trailing Ground-berry (Acrotriche prostrata) Prostate. Leaves more or less in one plane. Rare.
heath Cranberry Heath(Astroloma humifusum) Prostrate. Leaves bluish. Red Tube flowers. Common.
lobelia Poison Pratia (Lobelia concolor) Prostrate, rooting at nodes.
mat Creeping Monkey-flower (Mimulus repens) Prostrate, small paired leaves.
heath Spiny Rice-flower (Pimelea spinescens) Prostrate. Rare. Basalt.
apron Ivy-leaf Violet (Viola banksii) Mat-forming. Wetter forests. Mod common.
apron Lippia (Phyla canescens) Mat-forming. Oval toothed leaves. Mod common.
apron Matted Pratia(Lobelia pedunculata) Mat-forming. Oval toothed leaves. Flowers often long-stalked. Uncommon.
apron Matted Pearlwort (Sagina procumbens) Mat-forming. Narrow leaves. Roots at leaf nodes. Uncommon.