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Orchids - mostly native

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Small slender orchids

img Mayfly Orchid (Acianthus caudatus) Dark coloured with fine threadlike sepals.
img Small Mosquito Orchid (Acianthus pusillus) Dark coloured. Dorsal sepal with a fine point. Uncommon.
img Midge Orchids (Corunastylis species) Common but not easily found.
img Small Gnat Orchid (Cyrtostylis reniformis) Common but not easily found.

Caladenia and allies (apparently 5 petals, often narrow and long)

img Pink Fingers (Caladenia carnea) Small orchid. Pink or almost white. Common.
img Dusky Caladenia (Caladenia fuscata) Like Pink Fingers, but labellum has a forward pointing extension. Common.
img Castlemaine Spider Orchid (Caladenia clavescens) Usually dark red. Long tapering sepals and petals. Scattered.
img Plain-lip Spider Orchid (Caladenia clavigera) Petals and sepals usually red-striped, taper to fine points. Rare.
img Hooded Caladenia (Caladenia cucullata) Dorsal sepal bent at almost right angles. Labellum with deep purple lumps. Common.
img Musky Caladenia (Caladenia gracilis) Like Hooded Caladenia but less hooded, and tongue only light purple. Common.
img Bronze Caladenia (Caladenia transitoria) Petals and sepals with sharp end, not drawn into awns. Bronzy green-yellow. Uncommon.
img Blue Caladenia (Cyanicula caerulea) Like Pink Fingers, but blue. Common.
img Ornate Pink Fingers (Caladenia ornata) Like Pink Fingers, but deep pink. Tongue dark red. Very rare.
img Bluebeard Orchid (Pheladenia deformis) Resembles a Blue Caladenia, but labellum is bearded. Rare.
img Brown-clubbed Spider Orchid (Caladenia phaeoclavia) A greencomb spider orchid. The sepals end in conspicuous clubs. Common.
img Mantis Orchid (Caladenia tentaculata) A greencomb orchid. Sepals are not clubbed. Abundance uncertain.

Waxlip           Sun orchids. Apparently 6 showy petals.

img Waxlip Orchid (Glossodia major) Purplish with white central patch. Very Common.
img Rabbit Ears (Thelymitra antennifera) Distinctive dark "Rabbit Ears" rising from the labellum. Scattered.
img Great Sun Orchid (Thelymitra aristata) Large orchid to 1m tall. Rare.
img Spotted Sun Orchid (Thelymitra ixioides) Flowers blue with dark spots. Scattered.
img Scented Sun Orchid (Thelymitra megcalyptra) Flowers bright blue and to 3cm across. Common.
img Slender Sun Orchid (Thelymitra pauciflora) Flowers blue and to 2cm across. Common.
img Salmon Sun Orchid (Thelymitra rubra) Flowers salmon coloured. Moderately common.
img Crimson Sun Orchid (Thelymitra xmacmillanii) Flowers crimson with yellow column arms. Uncommon.

Diuris orchids

img Golden Cowslips (Diuris behrii) Flowers yellow, usually with stripes. Uncommon.
img Golden Moths (Diuris chryseopsis) Flowers yellow, sometimes with stripes. Flowers vertically compressed. Common.
img Leopard Orchid (Diuris pardina) Very common in spring. Flowers yellow, spotted. very common.
img Hornet Orchid (Diuris sulphurea) Bright flowers in late spring/early summer. Scattered.
img Purple Diuris (Diuris punctata) Flowers purple. Rare.

Single-flowered greenhoods

img Blunt Greenhood (Pterostylis curta) Greenhood with a blunt hood and twisted labellum. Moderately common.
img Dwarf Greenhood (Pterostylis nana) A small greenhood. Lateral sepals are upright, with fine points to about 2cm long. Common.
img Nodding Greenhood (Pterostylis nutans) A moderately large greenhood. Flowers are nodding. Common.
img Maroonhood (Pterostylis pedunculata) A single flowered greenhood with a darker upper part of the flower. Rare.
img Woodland Bearded Greenhood (Pterostylis sp. affin plumosa) Has a protruding hairy labellum. Scattered.
img Large Autumn Greenhood (Pterostylis revoluta) A very large-flowered autumn flowering greenhood. Common.
img Large Striped Greenhood (Pterostylis robusta) A moderately large-flowered spring flowering, striped greenhood. Uncommon.

Many-flowered greenhoods

img Swan Greenhood (Pterostylis cycno- caphala) Small flowers. Projection on labellum resembles a swan's head. Uncommon.
img Sutton Grange Greenhood (Pterostylis Sutton Grange) Small flowers, rather crowded flowers. Uncommon.
img Tall Greenhood (Pterostylis melagramma) Tallish, leafy, several flowered. Common.
img Emerald-lip Greenhood (Pterostylis smaragyna) Like Tall Greenhood but tongue emerald-green. Uncommon.
img Large Rustyhood (Pterostylis maxima) Low. Several brownish flowers. Rare.
img Common Ruddyhood (Pterostylis squamata) Tongue with coarse white hairs. Several brownish flowers. Rare.
img Inland Red-tip Greenhood (Pterostylis sp. affin. parviflora) Tallish. Hood is almost erect, red-brown tipped. Mod common.

Miscellaneous orchids

img Purple Beard Orchid (Calochilus robertsonii) Labellum is densely bearded. Common
img Naked Beard Orchid (Calochilus imberbis) Like a beard orchid, but beardless. Very rare.
img Common Bird Orchid (Chiloglottis valida) A leafy orchid with dark brown-purple flowers. Damper areas.
img Flying Duck Orchid (Caleana major) Uncommon. Flower resembles a flying duck.
img Slaty Helmet Orchid (Corybas incurvus) Very small and low orchid. Very rare.
img Rosy Hyacinth Orchid (Dipodium roseum) Tall flower stalk. Leaves absent. Flowers summer.
img Spotted Hyacinth Orchid (Dipodium pardalinum) Pale pink with darker spots. Flowers summer.
img Finger Orchid (*Disa bracteata) Flowers crowded along a stout stalk. A weed.
img Parson's Bands (Eriochilus cucullatus) Two white "petals". Autumn.
img Onion Orchids (Microtis species) Onion-like leaves. Small green flowers. Common.
img Horned Orchids (Orthoseras strictum species) Brownish flowers on erect stalk. Lateral sepals long and slender. Rare.
img Scented Leek Orchid (Prasophyllum sp. affin odoratum Tall orchid with white petals. Scattered.
img Graceful Leek Orchid (Prasophyllum sp. affin odoratum Tall orchid. Petals green/brown. Rare (Wattle Flat).
img Austral Ladies' Tresses (Spiranthes australis Small pink flowers spiral around stem. Rare.