scale bar = 1cm.

Diminutive plants - usually under 5cm high. - native and introduced.

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img Flannel Cudweed (Actinobole ulignosum) Almost stakless. Flower cluster of several heads. Uncommon
img Parsley Piert (*Aphanes arvensis) Parsley-like leaves. Small green tube-flowers.
img Southern Shepherd's Purse(Ballantinia antipoda) Four white petals, divided leaves
img Cicendias. (*Cicendia species) Small plants with terminal flower.
img Woolly Heads (Myriocephalus rhizocephalus) Low growing. Yellow and white flowers. Slender leaves.
plantain Silky Plantain (*Plantago bellardii) Tiny hairy plantain.
img Chaff Weed (*Lysimachia minima) Small, sub-erct. Damp places. rareg.
gum Scarlet Sundew (Drosera glandiligera) Flower stalk short. Flowers scarlet. Uncommon.
gum Rayless Daisy (Brachyscome perpusilla) Petals tiny. Leaves divided. Common.
succ Pink Purslane (Calandrina calyptrata) Tiny succulent. Pink flowers. Rare.
succ Pointed Centrolepis (Centolepis aristata) Small grass-like plant with erect bracts. Moderately common.
succ Hairy Centrolepis (Centolepis strigosa) Small grass-like plant with hairy flowers. Not common.
succ Wiry Centrolepis (Centolepis polygyna) Small densely tufted grass-like plant. Uncommon.
succ Dwarf Aphelia Aphelia pumilio) Small grass-like plant. Flower clustrers erect. Uncommon.
succ Slender Aphelia Aphelia gracilis) Small grass-like plant. Flower clustrers turned to one side. Rare.
img Moss Sunray (Hyalosperma demissum A diminutive daisy.
img Small Pennywort (Hydrocotyle callicarpa) Diminutive, a few cm high. Common
img Yellow Pennywort (Hydrocotyle foveolata) Diminutive, a few cm high. Leaves often yellow. Common
img Hairy Stylewort (Levenhookia dubia) Diminutive, with apparently 4 white petals. Common.
img Small Wrinklewort (Siloxerus multiflorus) Small plant. Like tiny cauliflowers
img Hundreds and Thousands (Stylidium inundatum) Tiny trigger-plant.
img Austral Sunray (Triptilodiscus pygmaeus) Terminal yellow flowers. Moderately common.
img Austral Adder's-tongue (Ophioglossum lusitanicum) Leave(s) at base and also a fertile terminal frond. Rare.
img Whitlow Grass (*Erophila verna) All leaves basal. Petals deeply cleft. Uncommon.
laeve Smooth sunray (Rhodanthe laevis) Hairless. Papery bracts. Scattered
img Common Bow Flower (Millotia muelleri) Uncommon. Hairs with sticky tips.
grey e Small Poranthera (Poranthera microphylla) Small herb. Spoon-shaped leaves. Scattered.