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Wetland plants - streamsides or at water - native and introduced.

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img Aster Weed (*Aster subulatus) Erect. White petals scarcely protrude. Wetlands and streamsides.
img Lesser Joyweed (Alternanthera denticulata ) Wetlands and mud flats. Erect.
img Hastate Orache (Atriplex prostrata) Wetland. Erect or prostrate.
img Pacific Azolla. (Azolla filiculoides) Floating fern with divided fronds. Still water.
img Water Buttons. (*Cotula coronopifolia) Slightly succulent plant.
img Swamp Crassula (Crassula helmsii) Small wetland plant.
minor River Mint (Mentha australis Narrow green leaves.
img Swamp Isotome (Isotoma fluviatilis) Pale blue starry flowers. Swamp plant.
img Rushes (Juncus species) Small straw-coloured or brown flowers. Usually wetland plants.
img Duckweeds Tiny (a few mm) floating plants on still water.
img Small Loosestrife (Lythrum hyssopifolia) Herb. Small plant of damp places. Small blue flowers.
img Purple Loosestrife (Lythrum salicaria) Erect herb. Showy clusters of reddish-purple flowers.
img Pennyroyal (*Mentha puleguim) Purplish flowers circle stems. Wet areas.
img Garden Mint (*Mentha spicata) Cylindrical terminal clusters of white flowers. Aromatic. Wet areas.
img Tangled Lignum (Duma florulenta ) Wiry almost leafless shrub Swamps.
img Parrot's Feather (*Myriophyllum aquaticum) Rings of bluish leaves. Leaflets narrow. Aquatic.
img Water Milfoils (Myriophyllum species) Leaves in rings, green or red, sometimes with narrow leaflets. Aquatic.
img Watercress (*Nasturtium officinale) 4 white petals. Leaves in unequal leaflets. Wet areas.
img Water Lily (*Nymphea) species. Large pond lily.
img Pale Knotweed (Persicaria lapathifolia) Open shrub to a metre or more. Wetlands.
img Slender Knotweed (Persicaria decipiens) Low (30-60cm)open shrub. Wetlands.
img Creeping Knotweed (Persicaria prostrata) Prostrate. Wetlands.
img Matted Starwort. (Stellaria caespitosa) Cushion bush. Wet areas.
clover Water Ribbons (Cycnogeton procerum) Flat leaves float on water. Flower an erect spike.
typha Cumbungi (Typha species) Bulrush.
eel grass Eelweed (Vallisneria australis) Submerged plant. Spiral stalks.
alism Water Plantain (Alisma plantago-aquatica) White 3-petalled flowers. Leaves plantain-like.
alism Common Starwort (*Callitriche stagnalis) Small paired oval leaves. Uncommon.
alism Starwort (*Callitriche brutia) Small paired oval leaves and long linear leaves Uncommon.
alism Star Fruit (Damasonium minus) Broad leaves on slender stalks. Fruit star-shaped. Uncommon.
alism Pigweed (Dysphania glomulifera) Plant of lake edges. Tiny flowers. Uncommon.
alism Waterwort (Elatine gratioloides) Water edge. Pinkish stems.
alism Canadian Pondweed (*Elodea canadensis) Sumberged weed.
alism Small Mud-mat (Glossostigma elatinoides) Mat plant on banks.
alism Austral Brooklime (Gratiola peruviana) Blue tube flowers. Leaves in opposite pairs and toothed. Uncommon.
lobelia Poison Pratia (Lobelia concolor) Prostrate, rooting at nodes.
mat Creeping Monkey-flower (Mimulus repens) Prostrate, small paired leaves.
apron Fairies Aprons (Utrichularia dichotoma) Swampy areas. Slender stalks. Localised.
montia Water Blinks (Montia fontana) Swampy areas. Paired leaves. Uncommon
lobelia Angled Lobelia (Lobelia anceps) Swampy areas. Flowers bilaterally symmetrical.
lobelia White Purslane (Neopaxia australasica) Swampy areas. Long narrow leaves.
lobelia Swamp Weed (Selliera radicans) Swampy areas. Flowers small, fan-shaped. Uncommon.
cripus Curly Pond-weed (Potamogeton crispus) Submerged. Leaves narrow, stalkless, opposite, wavy.
ochreus Blunt Pond-weed (Potamogeton ochreatus) Submerged. Leaves narrow, flat, blunt.
cripus Floating Pond-weed (Potamogeton tricarinatus) Oval leaves float on surface.
ts Streaked Arrow-grass (Triglochin striata) Slender erect leaves and stems. Uncommon.
ts Swamp Starwort (*Stellaria angustifolia) Narrow paired leaves. Uncommon.
img Old Man Weed (Centipeda cunninghamii) Wetland plant with button daisy flowers at leaf bases.