Plants of the Castlemaine District

Distinctive fruit

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img Bridal Creeper (*Asparagus asparagoides) Small black berries. May blanket the ground.
img Strawberry Tree (*Arbutus unedo) Flowers small. Fruit are red balls.
img Asparagus (*Asparagus officinalis) Leaves filament-like. Fruit are red balls.
img Berry Saltbush (Atriplex semibaccata) Ground cover. Small red fruit.
img Cobbler's Pegs(*Bidens pilosa) Distinctive "cobblers pegs" seeds
img Cotoneasters (*Cotoneaster species) Shrubs with red fruit.
img Hawthorn (*Crataegus monogyna) Small spiny tree. Red berries.
img Paddy Melon (*Cucumis myriocarpus) Prostrate with marble-sized fruit.
img Caltrop (*Tribulus terrestris) Prostrate. Spiny seeds.
img Common Olive (*Olea europaea) Small tree.
img Thornapples (*Datura species) Shrub with large spiny fruit.
img Wild Teasel (*Dipsacus fullonum) Erect. Hedgehog-like cylindrical fruit.
img Ruby Saltbush (Enchylaena tomentosa) Spreading succulent with usually red berries.
img Stork's Bills (Erodium species) Herbs. Fruit long and beak-like. Leaves prostrate.
img Dove's-foot Geranium (*Geranium molle) Low growing. Leaves round and deeply dissected. Flowers purplish.
img Geranium (Geranium species) Low growing. Leaves round and deeply dissected. Flowers pale.
img Geranium sp 5 (Geranium species 5) Low growing, mat forming. Leaves round and deeply dissected. Flowers pale.
img Pincushion Hakea (*Hakea laurina) Large shrub with ball-shaped flower clusters.
img Apple (*Malus pumila) Small tree.
img Sticky Cape Goosberry (*Physalis hederaefolia) Pale flowers. Inflated fruit.
img Red Ink Plant (*Phytolacca octandraa) Shrub with spikes of green berries, turning dark red-black. Granite areas.
img Allepo Pine (*Pinus halepensis) Light green needles. Needles usually in 2s.
img Radiata Pine (*Pinus radiata) Dark green needles. Needles in 3s.
img Sweet Pittosporum (*Pittosporum undulatum) Small tree. Orange berries.
img Plums (*Prunus species) With plum or cherry plum fruit.
img Italian Buck-thorn (*Rhamnus alaternus) Shrub. Black berries.
img Briar Rose (*Rosa rubignosa) Prickly open shrub. Orange-red hips (fruit).
img Blackberry (*Rubus fruticosus) Prickly spreading vines. Leaves 3 or 5 foliate. Finely toothed. Common.
img Native Raspberry (*Rubus parvifolius) Prickly spreading vines. Leaves 3-foliate. Toothed. Rare.
salvia Peppercorn Tree (*Schinus molle) Large tree. leaves with narrow leaflets.
madder Bladder Campion (*Silene vulgaris) Fruit inflated, papery.
campion French Catchfly (*Silene gallica) Fruit inflated, papery, striped. Petals white.
img White-tip Nightshade (*Solanum chenopopodioides) Like Black Nightshade. Petals narrow, leaves paler underneath.
img Black Nightshade (*Solanum nigrum) Petals white starry, leaves not paler underneath.
img Black Nightshade (*Solanum esuriale) Low shrublet. Showy flowers. Warm climates.
img Kanagroo Apple (*Solanum laciniatum) Medium to large bushy green shrub.
img Jo Jo (*Soliva sessilis) Seeds prickly.
xanthium Bathurst Burr (*Xanthium spinosum) Shrublet with spiny stems and fruit.
hop bush Slender Hop-bush (*Dodonaea viscosa subsp angustissima) Leaves long, narrow.
hop bush Sticky Hop-bush (Dodonaea viscosa subsp spatulata) Leaves sticky.
spur Bitter Melon (Citrullus lanatus) Cricket-ball sized melons. Uncommon.
img Willow Herbs (Epilobium species) Herb. Fruit long and narrow; with fluffy seeds.
tree Oaks (*Quercus species) Trees with acorn fruit.