Plants of the Castlemaine District

Unshowy flowers

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img Sheep's Burr (Acaena echinata) Leaves basal, divided.
img Hybrid Sheep's Burr (Acaena×anserovina) Head oval, along stems. Uncommon.
img Bidgeee Widgee (Acaena novae-zelandiae) Leaves divided.
img Sheep's Sorrel (Acetosella vulgaris) Leaves lobed. Docklike plant.
img Crow Garlic (*Allium vineale) Onion-like with strong garlic small
img Lesser Joyweed (Alternanthera denticulata) Wetlands and mud flats. Erect.
img Kahki Weed (*Alternathera pungens) Prostrate.
img Powell's Amaranth (*Amaranthus powellii) Flowers in erect clusters.
img Stiff Tumbleweed (*Amaranthus albus) Flowers from leaf bases. A tumbleweed.
img Parsley Piert (*Aphanes arvensis) Parsley-like leaves. Small green tube flowers.
img Hastate Orache (Atriplex prostrata) Wetland. Erect or prostrate.
img Berry Saltbush (Atriplex semibaccata) Ground cover. Small red fruit.
img Shepherd's Purse (*Capsella bursa-pastoris) Herb with heart shaped fruit.
img Common Bitter-cress (*Cardamine hirsuta) Small quick-growing weed.
img Coffee Bush (Cassinia arcuata) Coffee-coloured flower clusters.
img Coarse Dodder-laurel (Cassytha melanthaa) Leafless parasitic climber.
img Old Man Weed (Centipeda cunninghamii) Wetland plant with button daisy flowers at leaf bases.
img Eyebane (Chamaesyce maculata) Small prostrate; sap milky.
img Fat Hen (*Chenpodium album) Leaves mealy underneath.
img Sowbane (*Chenpodium murale) Mealy. Leaves scarcely mealy underneath.
img Glaucous Goosefoot (*Chenpodium glaucum) Mealy. Prostrate.
img Small Crumbweed (*Chenpodium pumilio) Small toothed leaves. Semi-prostrate.
img Stinking Goosefoot. (*Chenpodium vulvaria) Prostrate. Obnoxious smell.
img Miner's Lettuce (*Claytonia perfoliata) Soft herb. Stems pass through centres of the leaves.
img Water Buttons. (*Cotula coronopifolia) Slightly succulent plant.
img Cotulas. (*Cotula species) Small button daisies with fern-like leaves.
img Small Crassulas (*Crassula species) Small, fleshy, pinkish stems.
img Swamp Crassula (*Crassula helmsii) Small wetland plant.
img Finger Orchid (*Disa bracteata) Erect, small flowers along stalk.
img Caper Spurge (*Euphorbia lathyris) Erect 30cm or more. Milky sap.
img Petty Spurge (Euphorbia peplus) Slender. Less than 30cm. Milky sap.
img Purple Cudweed (*Gamochaeta purpurea) Downy leaves. Flowers stalkless in a terminal cylindrical cluster.
img Common Raspwort (Gonocarpus tetragynus) Small. Sightly toothed leaves. Very common bushland plant.
img Hill Raspwort (Gonocarpus elatus) Mostly granite areas. Larger than Common Raspwort.
img Rough Raspwort (Haloragis aspera) Usually toothed leaves. Wet places.
img Varied Raspwort (Haloragis heterophylla) Leaves usually with a pair of teeth. Drainage lines.
img Jersey Cudweed (*Helichrysum luteoalbum) To 30cm high. Small daisy without spreading petals. Leaves white hairy.
img Rushes (Juncus species) Small straw-coloured or brown flowers. Usually wetland plants.
img Bottle Daisy (Lagenophora huegelii) Basal rosette of toothed leaves. Brownish flower at end of stalk. Common.
img Common Pepper-cress (*Lepidium africanum) Flowers small along upper stalks.
img Lesser Swine-cress(*Lepidium didymum) Small plant. Leaves divided into narrow leaflets. Flowers small.
img Horehound (*Marrubium vulgare) Silvery crinkled leaves.
img Erect Chickweed (*Moencha erecta) Erect, slender plant. Inconspicuous white petals.
img California stinkweed (*Navarretia squarrosa) Flowers are in spiny balls. Leaves are spiny.
img Chile Nailwort (*Paroynchia franciscana) Prostrate.
plantain Plantains (*Plantago species) Herbs. Flowers in cylindrical cluster.
polycarpon Four-leaf Allseed (*Polycarpon tetraphyllum) Four leaves. Mostly seed.
img Pussy Tails (Ptilotus spathulatus) Brownish cylindrical cluster of flowers.
buttercup Annual Buttercup (*Ranunculus sessiliflorus) Slender. Petals small.
buttercup Weld (*Reseda luteola) Leafy base. One or more flower spikes.
buttercup Docks (Rumex species) Flowers clustered, angular or rounded.
buttercup Annual Pearlwort (*Sagina apetala) Narrow paired leaves. Petals absent or very small.
buttercup Roly Poly (Salsola tragus.) A tumbleweed. Northern area.
madder Field Madder (*Sheradia arvensis) Leaves in rings. Flowers pink-purple.
img Solenogyne (*Solenogyne dominii) Rosette of basal leaves. Short thick flower stalk.
img Pale Chickweed (*Stellaria pallida) Like Chickweed but petals absent.
img Levantine Chickweed (*Cerastium comatum) Small densly hairy herb. Uncommon.
typha Cumbungi (Typha species) Bulrush.
ulex Stinging Nettles (Urtica species) Toothed leaves. Stinging hairs.
gumRayless Daisy (Brachyscome perpusilla) Petals tiny. Leaves divided. Common.
cor Rock Correa (Correa glabra) Shrub. Leaves shiny, not hairy. Granite areas.
cor Common Correa (Correa reflexa) Shrublet. Leaves with stiff hairs. Common.
alism Star Fruit (Damasonium minus) Broad leaves on slender stalks. Fruit star-shaped. Uncommon.
alism Austral Carrot (Daucus glochidiatus) Small carrot-like plant. Common.
alism Field Rush (Luzula meridionalis) Rushlike. Leaves hairy. Common.
alism Austral Forget-me-not (Myosotis australis) Small curved flower clusters.
alism Varied Stinkwort (Opercularia varia) Narrow paired stalkless leaves. Clusters of greenish flowers.
alism Dusty Miller (Spyridium parvifolium) Shrub. Floral leaves powdered white.
img Spoon Cudweed (Stuartina muelleri) Spoon-shaped leaves. Common.
img Chinese Wormwood (*Artemisia veriotiorum) Brownish-yellow flowers. Herbaceous. Rare.
img Australian Carraway Oreomyrrhis eriopoda) Erect. Much divided leaves. Rare.
img Shade Pellitory (Parietaria debilis) Shady places. Sprawling.
img Chaff Weed (*Lysimachia minima) Small, sub-erect. Damp places. Rare.
pipew Common Pipewort (Eriocaulon scariosum) Erect flower stalk from leafy base. Rare.
pipew Pennyworts Hydrocotyle species) Roundish indented leaves.
salad Salad Burnet (*Sanguisorba minor) Divided leaves. Erect stalk. Scattered.
pomax Pomax (Pomax umbellata) Herb. Flower stalks rise from a central point. Rare.