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Plants with yellow flowers - native and introduced.

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img Wattles (Acacia species) Ball or rod flowers. Trees or shrubs or prostrate.
img Daisies With radiating petals or button daisies, or thistles
orchid Yellow Orchids
img Peas Yellow peas and Egg and Bacon Peas
img Tree of Heaven (*Ailanthus altissima) Tree with divided leaves.
img Wild Cabbage(*Brassica oleracea) Fruit spreading, beaked, slightly consricted between seeds.
img Twiggy Turnip(*Brassica fruticulosa) Fruit spreading, held erect, on curved stalks.
img Black Mustard(*Brassica nigra) Fruit short, almost square in x section.
img Sand Rocket (Diplotaxis tenuifolia) Leaves narrow, lower leaves with narrow lobes.
img Buchan Weed (Hirschfeldia incana) Fruit beaked, appressed to stem.
img Californian Poppy (Eschscholzia californica) Herb with bright yellow poppy flowers.
img Fennel (*Foeniculum vulgare) Erect with many parsley-like flower clusters. Leaves divided into many thread-like segments.
img Guinea flowers (Hibbertia species) Large bright yellow 5 petalled flowers. Prostrate or erect.
img St John's Wort (*Hypericum perforatum) Erect. 30cm+ high. Yellow flowers with many stamens. Black oil dots on leaves.
img St John's Wort (Hypericum gramineum Erect. 30cm or less. Yellow flowers with many stamens.
img Ixia (Ixia maculata) Bright yellow flowers with dark centres. Strap shaped leaves.
img Yellow Galaxia (*Moraea fugassisima Resembles a yellow onion weed.
img Tree Tobacco (*Nicotina glauca) Open shrub. Long tube flowers.
img Evening Primrose (*Oenothera stricta) Yellow turning orange flowers. Herb.
img Soursob (*Oxalis pes-caprae) Flowers bright yellow. Weedy.
img Small Yellow Wood Sorrels (Oxalis) species. Flowers yellow, stalked. Fruit various.
img Purslane (*Portulaca oleracea) Prostrate succulent. Yellow flowers.
buttercup Buttercups (Ranunculus species) Slender. Glossy yellow flowers. 5 petals.
img Wild Radish (*Raphanus raphanistrum.) 4 yellow petals fade to white. Stout fruit.
img London Rocket (*Sisimbrium irio) 4 yellow petals. Fruit slender, curved, beakless,and diverging.
img Indian Hedge Mustard (*Sisimbrium orientale) 4 yellow petals. Leaves lobed. Fruit slender, curved, beaked and diverging.
img London Rocket (*Sisimbrium officinale) 4 yellow petals. Fruit tapering, held close to stems. Common.
img Caltrop (*Tribulus terrestris) Prostrate. Spiny seeds.
ulex Twiggy Mullein (*Verbascum virgatum) Showy yellow flowers along a central erect stalk.
thaspus Aarons Rod (*Verbascum thaspus) Yellow flowers along a central erect stalk. Leaves woolly.
lily Bulbine Lily (Bulbine bulbosa) Yellow flowers open progressively. Leaves onion-like.
goodenia Primrose Goodenia (Goodenia blackiana) Herb. Glossy green basal leaves. Common.
goodenia Hop Goodenia (Goodenia ovata) Shrub with finely-toothed leaves. Rare.
goodenia Cut-leaf Goodenias (Goodenia pinnatifida) Herb. Deeply divided basal leaves. Uncommon.
pea Yellow Stars (Hypoxis species) Herbs. Starry flowers. Common.
pea Gagaea (Gagea species) Herbs. Starry flowers. leafy stems. Very rare.
alism Prickly Pears (Opuntia species) Prickly Pear with oval branches.
alism Dwarf Geebung (Persoonia chamaepeuce) Prostrate shrub. Southern districts.
heath Curved Rice-flower (Pimelea curviflora Flower in small clusters. Tube curved. Uncommon.
heath Yellow Rush-lily (Tricoryne elatior Wiry branched stems. Summer-autumn flowering. Mod common.
spur Spur Velleia (Velleia paradoxa Branched stems. Leaves not toothed. Common
spur Bitter Melon Citrullus lanatus Cricket-ball sized melons. Uncommon.
spur Yellow Centaury Sebaea ovata Herb with paired ovate leaves. 5 yellow petals. Mod common.
snp Spreading Night-phlox (Zalusianskya divaricata) Paired leaves . Long-tubed flowers.
snp Wattle Mat-rush (Lomandra filiformis) Flowers separate, stalked. Very common.
snp Spiny Mat-rush (Lomandra longifolia) Flowers spiky. Common to south.
snp Small Mat-rush (Lomandra nana) Flowers clustered. Rare.
snp Small-flowered Mat-rush (Lomandra micrantha) Flowers pale. Narrow leaves. Rare.