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White flowers

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img Onion Weed (*Asphodelus fistulosus) Petals with thin brown stripe. Common in warmer districts.
img Southern Shepherd's Purse( Ballantinia antipoda) Four white petals, divided leaves
img Ward's Weed (*Carrichtera annua) Small annual; fruit resemble tadpoles. Northern areas.
img Common Mouse-ear Chickweed (Cerastrium glomeratum) Small herb. Petals scarcely protrude from surrounding bracts.
img Tree Lucerne (*Chamaecytisus palmensis) Tree with white pea flowers. Leaves trifoliate.
img Hemlock (*Conium maculatum) To about a metre high. Fern-like leaves.
img Common Bindweed (*Convolvulus arvensis) Twining plant.
img Cotoneasters (*Cotoneaster species) Shrubs with red fruit.
img Kidney Weed (Dichondra repens) Prostrate creeper. Kidney-shaped leaves.
img Australian Anchor Plant (Discaria pubescens) Spines paired, like anchors. Shrub. Rare.
img Erica (*Erica lusitanica) Shrub with white or pale pink tube flowers.
img Freesia (*Freesia alba) Large white tube flowers.
img White-flower Fumitory (*Fumaria capreolata). Weak climber. Leaves divided into narrow segments.
img Carpet Weed (*Galena pubescens) Mat forming. Leaves oval, shortly hairy.
img Common Heliotrope (*Heliotropium europaeum) Flowers small, forming an arching cluster.
img Burgan (*Kunzea phylicoides Tea-tree with white flowers on short stalks.
img Hoary Cress (*Lepidium drabra) Terminal flat-topped flower clusters. Flowers with 4 petals.
img Snowflake (*Leucojum aestivum Strap-shaped leaves. White flowers with green spots.
img Japanese Honeysuckle (Lonicera japonica) Climber. White two-lipped tube flowers. Oval leaves.
img Garden Mint (*Mentha spicata) Cylindrical terminal clusters of white flowers. Aromatic. Wet areas.
img Tangled Lignum (Muehlenbeckia florulenta ) Wiry almost leafless shrub Swamps.
img Jonquil (Narcissus tazetta) White petals with central yellow cup.
img Watercress (*Nasturtium officinale) 4 white petals. Leaves in unequal leaflets. Wet areas.
img Fragrant False Garlic> (*Nothoscordum borbonicum) Onion-like leaves. Clusters of white flowers .
img Sweet Pittosporum (*Pittosporum undulatum.) Small tree. Orange berries.
img Weeping Pittosporum (*Pittosporum angustifolium.) Small tree. Apricot-coloured berries.
img Black Locust (*Robinia pseudoacacia) Small tree. Leaves with leaflets.
img Chickweed (*Stellaria media) Scrambling herb. 5 white deeply divided petals- resembles 10 petals.
img Prickly Starwort (Stellaria pungens) Scrambling herb. 5 white deeply divided petals- resembles 10 petals. Leaves narrow, sharp.
img Grey Germander (*Teucrium racemosum) 2-lipped white flowers; flower stalks bent.
img Chickweed (Stellaria caespitosa) Cushion bush. Wet areas.
img Wandering Tradescantia (*Tradescantia fumatinensis) Creeper.
clover Clustered Clover (*Trifolium glomeratum.) Flowers small, white, in spiky-looking balls.
clover White Clover (*Trifolium repens.) Flowers white, clustered. Leaves with yellow crescent.
clover Subterranean Clover (*Trifolium subterannean ) Flowers white, small. Common.
yucca Yucca (*Yucca species) Large white bell flowers. Rare.
zante Arum Lily (Zantedeschia aethiopica) Large petal-like white bract.
starhair Rough Star-hair (Astrotricha linearis ssp 1) Shrub. White petals. Elphinstone.
heath Daphne Heath (Brachyloma daphnoides) Shrub. White tube flowers with spreading tips. Very Common.
lilyMilkmaids (Burchardia umbellata) Lily. White flowers radiate from a common point. Common.
heath Sweet Bursaraia (Bursaria spinosa) Prickly shrub. Flowers summer.
daisy Shiny Cassinia (Cassinia longifolia) Flat-topped clusters of white flowers. Leaves with under-vein visible. Uncommon.
daisy Sticky Cassinia (Cassinia diminuta) Flat-topped clusters of yellow flowers. Localised.
myrtle Common Fringe-myrtle (Calytrix tetragona) Shrub. Seplas with awns, reddish. Fairly common.
climber Small-leaf Clematis (Clematis microphylla) Climber 4 white petals. Not common.
shrub Bitter Cryptandra (Cryptandra amara) Low shrub. Rare
cynoglossum Hound's-tongue (Cynoglossum species) Small white flowers
heath Common Heath (Epacris impressa) Shrub. Tube flowers red pink or white. Southern areas.
heath Bushy Needlewood (Hakea decurrens) Prickly leaved shrub.
heath Woolly Teatree (Leptospermum lanigerum) Leaves and fruit silky-woolly. Southern streamsides.
heath Heath Teatree (Leptospermum myrsinoides) Leaves and fruit not woolly. Common.
heath Twin-flower Beard-heath (Leucopogon fletcheri) Flowers paired, nodding. Fryers Ridge.
heath Common Beard-heath (Leucopogon virgatus) Low shrub. Common.
heath Peach Heath (Lissanthe strigosa) Low spreading shrub. Leaves stiff, narrow, sharp. Uncommon.
heath Urn Heath (Melichrus urceolatus Low spreading shrub. Leaves stiff, narrow, sharp. Moderately common.
heath Bendigo Wax (Philotheca verrucosa) Shrub. Flowers with waxy petals Common.
heath Rice-flowers (Pimelea species Terminal white flower clusters.
heath Candles (Stackhousia monogyna) White tube flowers.
heath Early Nancy (Wurmbea dioica) White flowers with purple ring.
minor Small Grass-tree (Xanthorrhoea minor) Small grass-tree. Trunk absent. Rare.
minor White Marianth (Rhytidosperma procumbens) Small spreading shrublet.
minor River Mint (Mentha australis Narrow green leaves.
img White-tip Nightshade (*Solanum chenopopodioides.) Like Black Nightshade. Petals narrow, leaves paler underneath.
img Black Nightshade (*Solanum nigrum.) Like Black Nightshade. Petals white starry, leaves not paler underneath.
img Willow Herbs (Epilobium species) Herb. Fruit long and narrow; with fluffy seeds.
come Pampas Lily-of-the-valley (*Salpichroa origanifolia) White bell flowers. Climber.
come Bridal Wreath (*Spiraea cantoniensis) Shrub. Toothed diamond-shaped leaves. Fryerstown.
come Corn Spurrey (*Spergula arvensis) Herb. Flower stalks bent back. Uncommon.
come Book Trigger-plant (Stylidium androsaceum) Small herb. Trigger-plant flwers.
img Irish Strawberry (*Arbutus unedo) Flowers bell shaped. Fruit red balls.
img Apple (*Malus pumila) Small tree.
daisy Rock Rose (Cistus species) Shrub. Harcourt North.
daisy Mallows (*Malva species) Pale white or pale blue flowers. Leaves almost round, Common weeds.
white1 Austral Stork's-bill (Pelargonium australe) Herb with roundish stalked leaves. Localised.
grey e Small Poranthera (Poranthera microphylla) Small herb. Spoon-shaped leaves. Scattered.
grey e Victorian Christmas Bush (Prostanthera lasianthos) Large shrub. Very rare. Possibly locally extinct.
campion French Catchfly (*Silene gallica) Fruit inflated, papery, striped. Petals white.
trigger plant Grass Trigger-plants (Stylidium species) Grass-like leaves. Flowers pale pink to pink. Common
gladiolus Wild Gladiolus (*Gladiolus undulatus) Grass-like leaves. Flowers cream to white. Uncommom.